Keeping IS-BAO Current

IS-BAO Document Registration

Annual amendments are made available to all IS-BAO holders free of charge through a password protected website for which all holders electing to download the amendment will be issued a unique password.

Please register for documents in order to keep your IS-BAO current!

A Dynamic Standard

IS-BAO will be kept current with new best practices in the industry, new air traffic procedures and new equipment requirements and technology. A review will be completed each year based on advice given to IBAC throughout the year. Purchasers will receive an amendment each year.

Evaluation of change proposals

Suggestions for modifications to the standards will be accepted and encouraged from all sources. Proposals for change will be evaluated by IBAC standards officers and the results will be provided to the Standards Board for approval at the annual meeting of the Board.

IBAC will provide an annual amendment service to all persons or companies who have purchased the IS-BAO. Amendments will generally be issued early in each new year.

Feedback Users of IS-BAO are encouraged to provide feedback to IBAC on the standards:
Improve the IS-BAO by making a suggestion here.