IS-BAO Benefits

IS-BAO is a code of best practice. It was developed by the industry, using contributions from companies in four continents. Benefits range from direct value-added for a flight department, to broad community benefits through widespread application of a voluntary, professional safety standard.

Specific benefits to a flight department:

Self-Education – IS-BAO helps flight departments learn from experiences of their peers.

Assist to New Operators – New flight departments can adopt a code of best practices from the beginning of operations.

Assisting Rapid Growth – Growing flight departments can introduce professional standards to facilitate and safely manage change.

Reduces Potential for Repeat Errors – Professional standards help avoid mistakes.

Raises Confidence of Board of Directors – International standardization provides globl benefits. Company executives understand the concept of industry standards to facilitate international commerce. Recognized global standards give the non-aviation executives and Board members a means of measuring the quality of flight operations.

Assurance to Employees – Employees flying on company aircraft will benefit from knowing that the flight department meets professional safety standards.

Pride in Achievement – Company executives, flight department managers and staff can feel the pride of achievement.

And for the business aviation community as a whole:

Raises the Safety Bar – Standardization fosters safety by encouraging professional operations.

Raises Confidence of Regulators – Regulators are given confidence that the business aviation industry is capable of self-governance to a high safety level. Assist to Regulators – Enables deployment of scarce safety resources to high-risk areas.

Alternative to Historical Regulatory Programs – Provides society with an alternative to traditional regulatory oversight, through application of ‘industry self-monitoring’.

Enhances Communication Amongst Operators – A team approach to keeping the standards current benefits the industry as companies learn from each other’s experiences with new equipment and procedures.

Institutionalizes Best Practices – Provides a systematic means of capturing best practices and making them available to the industry as a whole.

Public Recognition of a Well Managed Industry – A self-administered global standard fosters public confidence.

Promotes Global Harmonization – Business aviation assumes a responsible and proactive role in promoting global harmonization of operating procedures and requirements.

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