IS-BAO Bulletin 2015-1

See the new policy regarding Auditor Accreditation and Currency

The 2015 IS-BAO manuals are now posted on the IBAC website. To download, you must be an IBAC registered holder of the IS-BAO with a login assigned by IBAC. The following are some of the key changes related to the 2015 update:
IS-BAO Highlights

  1. Chapter 3 (SMS) was reformatted to align more closely with ICAO Annex 19.
  2. Chapter 3 (SMS) notes were added to support “Appropriateness and Effectiveness” indicators.
  3. A recommended practice was added regarding qualifications of operators used for additional air transport/supplemental lift.
  4. Emergency procedures training standard was modified to be performance-based.
  5. “Estimated Time of Use” verbiage inserted into flight planning requirements.
  6. Slight modifications to Fuel Planning, while extensive fuel planning guidance was added to the Implementation Guide.
  7. Slight modification to the banned approach standard (6.4.5). The requirement to file a safety report was deleted. The requirement to document a deviation procedure was deleted.
  8. Extensive guidance related to HUD, EVS, and CVS was added to the Implementation Guide.
  9. Clarification added to 6.13 on the need to establish duty limits for maintenance personnel.
  10. Modified the standard related to the use of headsets (6.17).
  11. Addition of a standard to establish stabilized approach criteria (6.22).
  12. Significant reduction of prescriptive standards related to aircraft equipment requirements.
  13. Guidance in the Implementation Guide for Proactive and Predictive data gathering.
  14. Information related to compliance monitoring systems added to the Implementation Guide.


Download IS-BAO 2015 in Revisions Mode to see ALL the changes.

Audit Procedures Manual and Audit Report Forms Highlights

  1. All auditors must report an upcoming audit to IBAC via Planned Audit Notification
  2. All audits, even with major non-conformities, will be submitted to IBAC as soon as practical after the closing meeting.
  3. Increased emphasis on Stage 2 and Stage 3 audits containing substantive auditor comments to validate SMS performance. These comments should provide examples of qualitative and/or quantitative methods to verify effectiveness.
  4. The “ACTION REQUIRED” option was removed. If there is a non-conformity, it shall be documented as a finding, either minor or major.
  5. Increased emphasis on the fact that Remedial Action Plans do not have to be implemented before the audit is submitted to IBAC.
  6. The protocols are hyperlinked to the Audit Procedures Manual versus being included inside the document. This will help facilitate IBAC’s to transition to our web-based audit forms this year.
  7. The SMS Audit protocols were re-organized to more closely match ICAO Annex 19 formatting.
  8. The Chapter 8 (Aircraft Equipment Requirements) protocols were significantly reduced and moved to the implementation guide for reference.
  9. The In-Flight Inspection protocols were deleted.


Download IS-BAO 2015 Audit Procedures Manual in Revisions Mode to see ALL changes.