Vision 2020

IS-BAO is the only business aviation standard by operators, for operators. It has been a successful safety and operations system for 15 years with nearly 800 operators worldwide.

Beginning in the fall of 2016, the IBAC IS-BAO team went on a listening tour to hear from operators and auditors. You spoke, via industry roundtables, associations, and boards; operator direct feedback; your representatives on the IS-BAO Standards Board; operator focus groups; and auditor focus groups

We heard that the IS-BAO Programme needed to be streamlined and modernized to provide:

  • Easy, step-by-step processes for new and/or small Stage 1 operators
  • Added value to established Stage 3 operators with new supporting programs
  • Convenient audit assessment tools
  • Extended revision periods
  • A consolidated and refreshed Standard
  • Solutions for emerging applications in business aviation flight operations

IS-BAO Vision 2020 is a paradigm-shifting initiative based on grass roots input from operators worldwide, which will take IS-BAO-registered operators into the next decade of success.

  • The IS-BAO Programme has been streamlined and modernized with more efficient and valuable tools for this higher safety standard including:
    o New Audit Management System (AMS) for operators and auditors to manage the audit experience
    o New Excel protocols that can be automatically configured for each SMS Stage, produce the audit forms, and track findings data
    o Improved Standards Board representation from the industry with the new IS-BAO Standard Quality System (SQS), which allows the Standards Board to virtually review, debate, and vote “just in time” representing operators globally
    o Expanded IBAC teams to better support business aviation operators
    o An improved audit experience supported by new auditor standardization initiatives
    o Direct engagement with regulatory authorities worldwide regarding IS-BAO as a recognized industry standard
  • The IS-BAO team has improved the Standard with:
    o A more consolidated and efficient flow that reduces workload for operators and auditors
    o A chapter realignment to support IBAC’s “common core SMS”
    o An extended effective date of 01JUL2018 and extended applicability date of 01JUL2019 to allow more flexibility for operators to gradually implement
    o Direct action on the ICAO SMP for the 4th revision of the ICAO SMS manual (doc. 9859) leading to business aviation appropriate language for the first time.
    o The most active Standards Board in recent history supported by diverse operator and auditor focus groups
    o Industry best practices put forward by operators, NBAA and EBAA safety committee portals