Understanding SMS

The SMS is the core of the IS-BAO. IBAC requires registered operators to implement an SMS and that to achieve Stage 2, safety risks must be effectively managed.

The performance of the SMS is measured via Safety Performance Indicators and Targets which are directly related to the risks inherent to the operator’s mission.  To learn more about identifying Safety Performance Indicators, see the following publications:

A Common Approach to Safety Performance Measurement

Measuring Safety Performance Guidelines

IS-BAO SMS Stage 3 Cultural Attributes

Safety Performance Indicators and Targets

A Safety-Risk Profile is a documented overview of the risks likely to be experienced by the flight operations of the company. The Safety-Risk Profile is operator specific.  For information on how to develop a Safety Risk Profile, see both Risk Analysis Guidelines and SMS Guidance Manual in the SMS Toolkit.  The SMS Toolkit is limited to purchasers of the IS-BAO.  Owners of an IS-BAO can obtain a password from IBAC by sending an email to plessard@ibac.org.

To learn more about how to implement an SMS see IBAC’s SMS eLearning Course