IS-BAO Standards Board


David Nigri, NBAA

Vice Chairman
Juergen Wiese, GBAA

Len Beauchemin, NBAA
Pat Dunn, NBAA
Dan Boedigheimer, NBAA
Mike Ott, NBAA
Kurt Edwards, IBAC
Jens Henning, GAMA
Brian Garrett, CBAA
Doug Carr, NBAA
Keith Washington, NBAA
Matt Zuccaro, HAI
Hamza Ghouth, MEBAA
Stan Medved, EBAA
Joanne Wong, AsBAA
Chris Buchholz, AsBAA


Brenda Pizano, IBAC International Standards Support
Michael Hohm, IBAC Director ICAO Liaison
Bennett Walsh, IS-BAO Program Director
Larry Fletcher, IS-BAH Audit Manager
Jason Starke, IS-BAO Operations Manager
Daniel Devraignes, IS-BAO Audit Manager
Yvonne Marinus, IS-BAO Auditor Accreditation Manager

Standards Boards Decision Record:

•(ISB/18) Las Vegas, NV October 9, 2017
•(ISB/17) Orlando, FL October 31, 2016
•(ISB/16) Las Vegas, NV, November 16, 2015
•(ISB/15) Orlando, FL, October 2, 2014
•(ISB/14) Las Vegas, NV,October 21, 2013
•(ISB/13) Orlando, FL October 29, 2012
(ISB/12) Las Vegas, NV October 9, 2011
(ISB/11) Atlanta, GA October 18, 2010
(ISB/9) Orlando, FL October 4, 2008
(ISB/8) Atlanta, GA – September 24, 2007
(ISB/7) Orlando, FL – October 16, 2006
(ISB/6) Orlando, FL Nov 8, 2005
(ISB/5) Las Vegas, NV Oct 11, 2004
(ISB/4) Geneva, May 27, 2004
(ISB/3) Orlando, FL, 6 October 2003
(ISB/2) Orlando, FL, 29 September 2002
(ISB/1) New Orleans, LA, 10 December 2001


Terms of Reference for IS-BAO Standards Board
(Updated October 2013)


The IS-BAO Standards Board is the decision making body for all changes to the standards contained in the IS-BAO and the Audit Procedures Manual.

These Terms of Reference provide for the establishment and ongoing management of the IS-BAO Standards Board.


The IBAC Governing Board authorizes establishment of the IS-BAO Standards Board. The Standards Board is delegated responsibility by the IBAC Governing Board for the content of the standards. The IBAC Governing Board retains authority for broad policy for the IS-BAO, including setting the price for the sale of the documents.

IS-BAO Standards Board Members

The IS-BAO Standards Board consists of the IBAC Director General and not less than six (6) nor more than fifteen (15) Members nominated by the member associations and approved by the Standards Board.

The Board shall be comprised of at least three Members currently serving in flight operations, and at least one currently involved in aircraft maintenance. Up to two Members will be nominated from the helicopter industry associations.  One Member is to be nominated by GAMA on behalf of the manufacturing industry.  One Member is to be nominated from the training organizations.

All members will be appointed for a three-year term ending December 31; however, the membership terms of the appointed Members shall be arranged so that the term of at least two Members expires each year.

For those Members’ terms that are expiring, the IBAC Secretariat shall request from member associations Member nominations 90 days prior to the annual meeting of the Standards Board.

Member Associations shall submit to the IBAC Director General nominations for Members 60 days prior to the annual meeting of the Standards Board.  Each nomination should include a letter of recommendation and a CV of the individual nominated.  Election to the Standards Board shall be held via e-mail.

Members may be re-nominated at the end of their term by their respective nominating member association.

The IS-BAO Standards Board will elect at its annual meeting, at the expiration of the term of office, a Chairperson and a Vice-Chairperson from among its Members, each to serve for a two-year term.


Meetings will be held at a minimum of once per year and will normally be of one-day duration. Meeting dates will be established approximately one year in advance of the meetings. On occasion, extraordinary meetings may be required to consider unforeseen issues.


The IS-BAO Program Director and IBAC administrative staff will provide secretariat services for the IS-BAO Standards Board. Board Members will be provided with the Agenda and material for the meeting approximately one week in advance of the meetings.

The IS-BAO Program Director is responsible for assessing all proposals for change to the standards and collating the assessments for consideration by the Board at its annual meeting.


The IS-BAO Standards Board will issue an Annual Report to the IBAC Governing Board. The Standards Board will also report all changes to the IS-BAO standards on the IBAC Website dedicated to the IS-BAO.


All administrative costs associated with the IS-BAO Standards Board will be the responsibility of the IS-BAO Dedicated Account.

Members are expected to pay their travel expenses.

Adopted by the Governing Board at GB/58 on 25 October 2013