Comparison between EASA Ops Rules for Non-commercial Operations with Complex Motor-powered Aircraft and IS-BAO

The information contained in the two comparative matrices is intended for the use of operators wishing to use the IS-BAO – an International Standard for Business Aircraft Operations as part of their means of complying with Regulation (EC) No 216/2008 and the associated Implementing Rules for the non-commercial operation of complex motor-powered aircraft, and to assist National Authorities in exercising regulatory oversight of such operators.  The first document EASA NCC OPS – IS-BAO Matrix compares the EASA Implementing Rules with the IS-BAO standards.  The second document EASA AMCs – IS-BAO Matrix compares the AMCs for the EASA rules with the IS-BAO implementation guidance material.

Operators to whom the EASA Rules apply must be aware that they must comply with the EASA rules.  As explained in the introductory material to each document, IS-BAO registration can be used by operators as part of their means of complying with the rules.  It must be noted that this material is provided for guidance only and must not be used as a definitive source of the Regulation and Implementing Rules.