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Please provide the following information to IBAC regarding any planned IS-BAH audits. If you have any questions, please contact the Audit Manager at

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IBAC Auditor Code of Ethics: As an Accredited IBAC Auditor, I promise:
1. To conduct the audit professionally, accurately, and in an unbiased manner.
2. Not to undertake any assignments that I am not competent or IBAC approved to perform.
3. Not to represent conflicting or competing interests and will disclose to IBAC any relationships that may influence my judgment.
4. Not to discuss or disclose any information relating to any audit unless required by law or authorized in writing by the client.
5. Not to act in any way prejudicial to the reputation, interests or credibility of IBAC.
6. In the event of any alleged breach of this code, to co-operate fully in any formal enquiry procedure.

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If the answer to the above question is NO, then you must regain currency before conducting this audit!!

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