Ordering IS-BAH

What do you get when you purchase IS-BAH?

When you order an IS-BAH subscription, you will receive:

1. A unique download code to access the full IS-BAH manual suite including the IS-BAH standard, protocols, implementation guide (IG) and the IS-BA Audit Programme Manual (APM).


IBAC is a not-for-profit Council of business aviation associations. The IS-BAH was developed by IBAC, its Member Associations and the National Air Transport Association (NATA) for the benefit of business aviation worldwide. The price of the document has been set to recover the cost of development and the ongoing maintenance cost of a dynamic standard that will be continuously updated to reflect current procedures, equipment and regulations. The IBAC policy is to sell the standards at a not-for-profit basis.

Banding based on number of stations

Band A = single station locations.
Band B = more than 1 station to 40 stations
Band C = more than 40 stations

Band A initial subs US$2300.00, covers year 1 and 2, subsequent years US$750.00
Band B initial subs US$1915.00, covers year 1 and 2, subsequent years US$650.00
Band C initial subs US$1610.00, covers year 1 and 2, subsequent years US$550.00

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