Fundamentals of IS-BAH Workshop

This workshop is designed to:

  • Assist handlers with their IS-BAH implementation efforts, and
  • Provide a practical approach to managing an SMS based on ICAO principles.

The workshop begins at 0800 and concludes at 1600. The agenda includes:

  • Background and general information about IBAC the IS-BAH,
  • The Audit Process (Both Internal and Registration Audit).

Workshop Fee (Includes workshop registration only):

  • 500USD early bird fee per attendee (750USD within 14 calendar days of the event)

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In order to obtain the maximum benefit from attendance at the IS-BAH Workshop operators are encourage to purchase a copy of the IS-BAH and bring it with them to the Workshop. For further details on purchasing your copy of the IS-BAH and to download an order form, click here.

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