IS-BAO Users Forum Terms and Conditions

IS-BAO User Forum Rules

The IS-BAO Users Forum is an electronic forum for the exchange of professional information among IS-BAO users. To benefit all members of the Forum, those violating these rules or the guidelines below may be unsubscribed by the IBAC Administrator.

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Although IBAC does not censor or screen individual messages, the following types of postings are not permitted.

  • Personal attacks.
  • Expletives.
  • Unsolicited commercial appeals or promotions.
    However, the posting of commercial appeals or promotions in response to legitimate User inquiries is allowed as a User service.
  • “Sham spam” or fake postings designed to set-up or elicit a commercial appeal or promotion.
  • Messages regarding commercial disputes.
    While the Forum is an acceptable venue for commentary on the performance of vendors, it is not appropriate to initiate commentary regarding specific business or legal disagreements. One or two appropriately worded comments are within bounds.  Intemperate remarks or the simple repetition of the same criticisms will be regarded as a form of personal vendetta and the User, once warned, can be removed from the Forum. Users should resolve their business or legal disagreements privately.
  • Commercial messages.

Discussion of prices or fees that you pay or charge, the customers or suppliers with which you do business, the terms on which you do business with them or other third parties, or other competitively sensitive aspects of your individual business operations is not appropriate. It is also not acceptable to suggest what your or others’ policies should or may be on these subjects.

  • Commentary unrelated to aviation.

In addition, the following rules will be enforced:

  • Uses shall not “harvest” e-mail addresses from the Forum for marketing purposes.
  • Users shall not republish the content of Forum postings without permission of the author of the post.

IS-BAO User Forum Guidelines

The following guidelines are intended help IS-BAO Users communicate effectively and keep the Forum a valuable resource.

  • Users should clearly identify themselves.  Ideally, include name, title and company at the bottom of your post.
  • Do not post copyrighted material unless you have permission to do so.
  • Don’t over-quote when responding to a prior post.
  • Avoid one-line posts such as: “Thank you.” or “Me too.” Post should add some value.
  • Use proper capitalization in your messages. WRITING MESSAGES IN ALL CAPS IS THE EQUIVALENT OF SHOUTING. Try to avoid this.
  • Use meaningful subject lines. “Help with SMS Evaluation Required” is better than “Help please.”
  • When taking a discussion thread off on a tangent, change the subject line.
  • Be courteous to other Users. If you disagree with them, don’t resort to personal insults.
  • Do not post private e-mail messages list without the author’s permission.
  • Spell-check and reread your messages before posting.

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