IS-BAO Newsletter Quiz Answers

1. What are two things the auditor will check first on a renewal audit?

Answer: APM, 4.4.4 states: 

For renewal audits the auditor should:

a) obtain the previous audit documentation from the operator to ensure that all non-conformities have been rectified effectively. If the operator does not have a copy of the audit, the auditor may ask the operator to obtain a copy from IBAC. (IBAC will not send a copy of the audit directly to the auditor); and

b) review of all the IS-BAO standards and recommended practices that have been incorporated since the last assessment to ensure the operator has effectively updated their policies, processes, procedures, and programs to reflect these changes.

2. Where can information be found related to developing Safety Performance Indicators and Targets?  

Answer: In the SMS Audit Protocols; Element 3.2.3.a(2) has a note with hyperlinks to SPI information.  This information can also be found in the IS-BAO Guidance Material, i.e. Appendix B.   

3. Which flight crew members (pilots) are exempt from receiving annual aircraft type training?  

Answer: None   All flight crew members (pilots) must receive annual type training. Note this requirement is for training in normal, abnormal, and emergency procedures for each type and does not necessarily require a proficiency check. (IS-BAO 5.1.3.a)

4. The maintenance personnel training programme shall include initial and recurrent training appropriate to the aircraft _____, _____, or ______ for which a maintenance release is to be signed.

Answer: group, type or system    (IS-BAO 5.1.6.c)

5.  The operator shall have a process to ensure the computed final reserve fuel meets both the _____ and _____ requirements.

Answer: Stage of Registry and State of Operation(IS-BAO