Happy IS-BAO Operators

What operators are saying about IS-BAO (via post audit survey feedback):

“The audit proved to be a very positive process, and nothing to be feared.” 2/24/2016

“The experience was extremely rewarding with professional critique that we greatly appreciate.” 2/4/2016

“The audit was thorough, professional and fair. We are proud to have reached Stage III level after falling slightly short in our previous attempt 2 years ago. The hard work paid off! I and most of my team members strongly believe in proactively managing safety using a structured, organized safety management system that allows for “just culture”. The IS-BAO system and the audit process ensures continuous improvement and helps prevent the natural tendency to “slack off” once a desired level is reached.” 1/7/2016

“We always find th[e] audits to be productive and constructive to make us better and safer.” 11/17/2015

“[our auditor] was outstanding. Easy to work with and very professional. His inputs and suggestions as to our operation were insightful, fitting and sound. We look forward to working with him in the future.” 10/12/2015

“It was a great experience.” 9/14/2015

“The process of developing the IS-BAO manual and implementing the program facilitated an in-depth look at our operation and ways to improve safety in daily processes. The system also increased our awareness for the need to set and monitor long term SMS goals. In short the program is excellent!!” 8/11/2015

“I felt the audit was fair and thorough – no surprises.”  7/14/2015

“The whole exercise helped us improve as an organisation. It gave us a roadmap and goals to strive for, (stage 1- achieved, stage 2 -next). Setting such goals is so important to maintaining and improving standards…” 7/7/2015

“The audit was systematic and professional and all participants for the audit felt very comfortable.” 6/24/2015

“Happy to renew our Stage 2 IS-BAO certification. Very useful to know how we stand against this immensely valuable industry benchmark.” 5/26/2015 

“Very detailed and professional audit” 5/12/2015 

“A well thought out standard, and an excellent auditing team.” 5/6/2015 

“Excellent Auditors. Very courteous and professional.”  4/24/2015 

“We were able to demonstrate a wide variety of safety processes, everything from our Risk Assessment, Incident Hazard, recurrent safety training/testing to our chat forums. Most importantly our reporting executive and senior company leadership are fully supportive and proud of our engagement and efforts to drive Safety across all functions and then be recognized for these ongoing achievements via the comprehensive IS-BAO audit process.”  3/9/2015 

“We are very proud to be part of an accreditation program that is well respected across the industry. Our thanks to all at the Audit Group at IBAC” 3/9/2015 

“It was a very educational experience and it was very beneficial for the company.” 3/3/2015 

“The IS-BAO Standards Manual is very good, and really makes it straightforward to effect a good result on the audit.” 2/18/2015 

“The IBAC / IS-BAO program is primordial for a complete SMS program. The SMS standards, protocol, implementation, and promotion are the foundation by which to build. The IBAC / IS-BAO greatly enhances the standards set by NBAA.” 1/29/2015

“Good Tools, Professional Standards, Very good Auditor” 1/6/2015

“Implementing IS-BAO exposed a few areas needing improvement and provided an industry standard to make the case to upper company management to expend additional funds to make improvements.” 12/31/2014

“Very professional and experienced audit team.” 12/31/2014 

“The IS-BAO program has provided us guidelines and a more systematic approach towards discharging day to day flight operations activities.”12/3/2014 

“Very professional auditor team.” 11/28/2014

“[Our auditors] were very professional and knowledgeable. 11/12/2014 

“I have been very impressed with the material we have received for the IS-BAO Program. [Our auditor] was also very professional in the way he conducted the audit.”  11/6/2014 

“The auditors were very professional” 11/6/2014

“[Our auditor] was thorough and professional”  11/5/2014

“[Our audit] was an excellent experience for our department. Much of the ground work was done in advance and it made the two day on site visit very productive. [Our auditor] was very well prepared…We look forward to continuing our relationship with IS-BAO…” 11/3/2014 

“[Our auditor] was very professional and knowledgeable. It was a very good experience from which we all learned a great deal.  10/1/2014 

“[Our auditor] was a very knowledgeable auditor”  9/24/2014