IBAC Bulletins

IBAC, from time to time, will post information on this site of interest to business aviation operators operating aircraft in an international environment. IBAC will make Member organizations aware of Bulletins as soon as posted. Readers should note that IBAC is a Council of national and regional business aviation organizations, therefore the information on these pages is primarily for the benefit of the Members. Any information posted should be used with caution as no guarantee or undertakings are given, or should be assumed, as to their accuracy.

    B18-01 – Following IBAC Bulletin B17-01 regarding Implementation in the North Atlantic of Performance based
    Communications and Surveillance (PBCS), this Bulletin conveys subsequently released NAT OPS
    Bulletins of importance to operators and flight planning service providers.

    B17-01 – This Bulletin is based on the outcome of the 51st Meeting of the ICAO NAT Implementation Management Group (NAT IMG) held in Santa Maria 13-16 November 2017.

    •B16-07 – Update of ICAO SARP Changes Adopted in 2016

    B16-06 – Postponement of Transition to Phase 2 RLatSM

    B16-05 –  NAT Navgiation Errors

    B16-04 –  NAT Region Operations

    B16-03 – Performance-based Navigation in Australian airspace

    B16-02 –  NAT Region CNS Items

    •B16-01 – WITHDRAWN Performance-based Navigation in Australian airspace

    B15-06 – North Atlantic Reduced Lateral Separation Minimum (RLATSM) Trials

    B15-05 – ICAO Flight Plan Content

    B15-04 -Carriage of Battery-Powered Portable Electronic Smoking Devices by Passengers and Crew.

    B15-03 -Options for operators not capable of FANS 1/A (or equivalent) CPDLC & ADS-C operation in NAT Data Link Mandate airspace.

    B15-02 -Safety and security of civil aircraft operating in airspace affected by
    conflict – Tripoli FIR

    B15-01 – NAT DLK Mandate Phase 2A

    B14-03 – Understanding ICAO provisions applicable to International General Aviation Operations

    B14- 02 -Airborne Collision Avoidance System – ACAS II (aka TCAS II) Version 7.1

    •B14-01- Safety of civil aircraft in Simferopol FIR
    Please refer to the ICAO State Letter Reference EUR/NAT 14-0243.TEC (FOL/CUP) of 2 April 2014.

    B13-01 – Sochi Olympics and Para-Olympics – Russian Federation Entry Requirements (PDF)
    The Organizing Committee of the Sochi Olympics has requested IBAC to distribute an information package regarding the Russian Federation Entry Requirements for Athletes, Officials and Visitors. Find it here.

    B12-03 – In-flight Fuel Management

    B12-02 – NAT Region Updates

    B12-01 – Air Services Australia ADS-B mandate 2013

    B11-01NAT OPS Bulletin 2010-015 distributes Oceanic Errors Safety Bulletin (OESB) 01-10 and NAT OPS Bulletin 2010-016 provides the Sample Expanded Oceanic Checklist.

    B02-2 Interface Problem with ACAS and Mode S Transponders

    B99-1 Humanitarian Flights on the North Atlantic