IBAC Members Endorsed Events

The IBAC Governing Board has established Policy 40-9, Support of Business Aviation Events, which provides for the establishment of a list of Events that are endorsed by IBAC Members so that Members can mutually support only those events that are of benefit to the IBAC community. IBAC Members propose events to be added to the list and when there is no objection raised by other Members, IBAC Members agree to support the program. Support for a program does not obligate financial or personnel resources, but Members agree to endorse the event given its value to business aviation and to IBAC Member Associations.

Standing Annual Events Convened by IBAC Members

All general meetings, conventions, seminars, workshops and regional meetings specifically convened and organized by an IBAC Member Association. Examples are NBAA Convention, NBAA Regional Seminars, EBACE, EBAA Regional Seminars, MEBA, LABACE, ABACE, CBAA Convention, BBGA Annual Convention, RUBAA Regional Conferences, etc.

Specific Events Organized by Other Organizations but Endorsed by IBAC Members

Updated: August 23, 2012