2011 IS-BAO Amendment Info Form

The IBAC Governing Board has decided that, effective 2011, annual amendments will be made available to all IS-BAO holders free of charge through a password protected website for which all holders electing to download the amendment will be issued a unique password.

Printed versions of the annual amendment will continue to be available at cost of US$ 200 for two consecutive years and renewable by election and payment bi-annually thereafter.

To ensure that all IS-BAO holders have the opportunity to elect the service they prefer and for IBAC to efficiently provide that service, it is essential that our contacts database be current and correct well in advance of the issuance of the 2011 amendment. It has been and will continue to be the responsibility of the IS-BAO holder to notify IBAC of changes in the name/title/mailing and email address of the designated custodian of the document. We know our records contain some out of date/invalid contact information and thus we request your earnest cooperation to keep it current.

Please download the form, complete the information requested and email the completed copy to plessard@ibac.org as soon as possible.

(Should your preference be to submit the completed form by fax, the number is (514) 954-6161.)

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